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What does joining the CSA mean for YOU?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.The farm relies on our CSA membership to operate. By becoming a CSA member, you commit to support us as your farmers by paying for your share before the season begins, and we use that investment to start growing delicious farm fresh food, that is available to you on a weekly basis throughout the season. The payment from your shares helps us purchase seeds, soil starter, and well, everything we need to produce this season.

There are two ways to join our CSA- 1) traditional CSA or 2) our new annual CSA buying club that we added this year for people seeking more flexibility, both with the same great benefits. In addition to delicious, nutrient dense vegetables, a member will enjoy these great benefits:

•  Locked-in pricing and cost savings over our retail pricing

•  CSA Member Academy through our private Facebook group which will give you additional support in recipes, cooking techniques, and additional storage ideas

•  Three CSA member days on the farm- see the farm in spring, summer, and fall- BYO-Picnic, explore the farm, connect with other CSA members, and enjoy a guided tour each member day

•  40-page A to Z vegetable storage guide

•  Early access to the online store every week

What is the difference between

the Traditional CSA and Annual CSA Buying Club?

Traditional CSA

In the traditional CSA model, we curate a weekly box for you. Each week, the box will be filled with seasonal staples with the addition of some unique items you won’t find in the grocery store.

This selection offers the best value! 10% off the retail value of veggies, which means you get 10% more each week.

The traditional weekly box comes in 2 sizes- full and half, sign up for whatever size works best for you.

As a traditional member, you are guaranteed certain items only grown for our CSA members. And if you’re going on vacation, no problem! You have unlimited vacation holds, just let us know the week before you’re gone and pick up double the following week.

Sign up closes April 30th or until filled.

Annual CSA Buying Club

With the Annual CSA Buying Club, you commit to either a $1000 or $500 level of membership to support to the farm, and get the flexibility to choose exactly what products you want from our regeneratively grown vegetables and pasture raised eggs and pork. Each week you place your order in our on-line store and we’ll custom pack your order and send it to the pick-up location you choose.

In addition to the CSA member benefits, you get cost savings over our retail prices. You have until the end of the calendar year to use your online store value; any unused balance will be used for farm operational costs.

Going on vacation? No problem, don’t place an order that week. You have early access every week to our store and can select any product, on a first come, first served basis.

Sign up closes April 30th or until filled

There are many options for you to curate the exact share you would like. Sign up for a share or mix and match any of the options between any of the share types.

  •  Traditional Vegetable CSA: 21 weeks; June 14 to November 18, two-week break between seasons, August 27-September 9.

  •  With the Annual CSA Buying Club, use your balance anytime before the end of the calendar year.

Traditional CSA Breakdown

Full Vegetable Share

  •  Includes 9 to 11 seasonal vegetables every week, which is great for a couple who loves to cook or a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 small children.

  •  $750

Half Vegetable Share

  •  Includes 5 to 7 seasonal vegetables every week, good for a single person or a family that cooks at home half the week or someone looking to supplement their home garden

  •  $480

Pasture Raised Egg Share

  •  A dozen eggs each week from pasture raised chickens fed non-GMO feed.

  •  23 weeks: June 14-November 18

  •  $135

Flower Share 

  •  Receive a beautiful hand-crafted bouquet each week

  •  Runs from July 5 to August 26

  •  $150

Annual CSA Buying Club

Two different tier levels of support which is added onto your farm store account. Use this on anything in the store throughout the year. At the end of the calendar year, any remaining balance will be put to the farm’s operational costs.

Farmer’s Share

  •  $1000 with an additional $80 added to your account.

  •  A great option for a couple or a family who want to choose exactly what they get every week.

  •  On average, our customers spend $42 per order, which means that is only 23 orders until the end of the calendar year!

Gardener’s Share

  •  $500 with an additional $40 added to your account.

  •  Good for a family that cooks at home half the time or a gardener who is purchasing more when their garden isn’t up and running.

Pick-up locations

Saturday pick-up locations year-round; Wednesday and Thursday pick-up locations from June 14th to November 18th.


  •  9-1 at Fullers Overlook Farm, 430 Fuller Road, Waverly

  •  4-6 at The Greenhouse Project, 200 Arthur Ave (Nay Aug Park) Scranton


  •  11:30-12:30 at Maximum Zen Bakery, 318 Davis Street, Clarks Summit


  •  9-12 at Fullers Overlook Farm,* 430 Fuller Road, Waverly

  •  10-1 at South Side Farmers Market 10-1,* 509 Cedar Ave, Scranton


After submitting your application, there are 3 payment options:

  •  Send a check, with total cost of the shares to: Fullers Overlook Farm, PO Box 27, Waverly, PA 18471

  •  Pay for your shares online (processing fees added)

  •  Use a payment plan via check. 25% of share paid up front, then 2 remaining payments, all shares need to be paid in full by April 30

Sign up Today!

Neither of the options seem right for you? No problem! You can preorder from our online store each week. The store opens Monday at 5pm.